“Alien Seas” book

“Alien seas” is a recent Springer book, edited by Michael Carroll and Rosaly Lopes, with a title that resonates with “Alien skies”.


The topics covered by Alien Seas are more varied than the title suggests since the term “seas” is defined in a wide sense as anything large and liquid, including the molten inside of planets, and even sand dune fields as “sand seas”. Here are the topics:

– the (possible) oceans of Venus

– the (probable) oceans of Mars

– volcanism in the solar system (“oceans of lava”)

– the sub-surface oceans of Ganymede, Europa and Callisto

– ice volcanoes and geyser in smaller moons (like Enceladus)

– sand fields on Mars, Venus and Titan

– the seas of hydrocarbons on Titan

– the interior of Saturn

– “alien” seas on Earth, e.g. salt ponds and under-ice lakes

– exoplanets

The books ends on a fantastic gallery of alien landscapes by different artists.

Each chapter is written by a renown experts in their field, which ensures the quality and reliability of the whole.

See here for a post about the chapter on Venus. The chapter on Saturn consist mainly of a sci-fi style description of a mining operation for diamond and Helium-3 into the depth of the planet in the far future. More directly related to the topic of Alien Skies, it also mentions the storm of Saturn, see this post.

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