Alien skies is a book on planetary atmospheres by Frédéric Pont, published by Springer. It is available from Springer as an e-book, and soon as a paperback.

Alien_Skies e-book (pdf)

The book places Climate Change in the global context of planetary atmospheres, including exoplanets. It attempts to transform the reader’s view of the Earth’s atmospheres – and its relation to life, and provides an overview and explanation of the first observations of the atmospheres of exoplanets.

Planetary atmospheres are complex and evolving entities, as mankind is rapidly coming to realise whilst attempting to understand, forecast and mitigate human-induced climate change. In the Solar System, our neighbours Venus and Mars provide striking examples of two endpoints of planetary evolution, runaway greenhouse and loss of atmosphere to space.

The variety of extra-solar planets brings a wider angle to the issue: from scorching “hot jupiters” to ocean worlds, exo-atmospheres explore many configurations unknown in the Solar System, such as iron clouds, silicate rains, extreme plate tectonics, and steam volcanoes. Exoplanetary atmospheres have recently become accessible to observations.

The book puts our own climate in the wider context of the trials and tribulations of planetary atmospheres. Based on cutting-edge research, it uses a grand tour of the atmospheres of other planets to shine a new light on our own atmosphere, and its relation with life.